Thursday, December 31, 2009

Catching my Breath

I'm not only finding it difficult to get a moment for myself during the day, but I'm also finding it difficult to control myself... specifically, my emotions, my words and my tone toward my two-year-old.
This morning I woke up to her banging on her door whimpering because she had crawled out of her crib for the second morning in a row. I am NOT prepared for this. I have been sooooo happy lately with how the schedule is working out between Eden and Arielle in the mornings. If Arielle wakes first, fine, I feed her and then wait for Eden to wake up. (that is the rarest scenario, by the way) If Eden wakes first and I'm not ready to get up, she reaches through the slats in her crib to the wagon filled with books and reads to herself and sings, allowing me to lay in bed longer. Nice, huh? Then I can go get her and feed her breakfast. She watches an episode of Gospel Bill (a show I watched as a kid) while I change Arielle and feed her. Perfect.
Eden climbing/falling out of her crib and then crying and banging on the door, which, in turn, requires me to get up at whatever time it may be and also awakens Arielle is by no means ideal.
sigh. Not a great way to start the day.
After I opened her door, knelt down to her eye level, grabbed her shoulders and scolded her harshly for climbing out of her crib, I had a realization about that moment and about the day before.
See, yesterday, I must have raised my voice at her at least 10 times. She (in random order) yelled "No!" at me when asked to sit back in her carseat, refused to go to her room for a diaper change, asked me 30 billion questions loudly over the screaming of her baby sister, decided to somersault off the couch and consequently hit her head hard on the coffee table after being told not to climb on the couch, continuously kicked the foot rest on the stroller, touched or grabbed everything she was strolled past in the store, stuck her finger down Arielle's throat to try to stop her crying, wouldn't stay in her chair at dinner ... and the list of aggravations goes on. She seemed to be on some crazy drug yesterday and I seemed to turn into a big, awful monster of a mommy.
So, this morning, after I gave her a good shake, glare, and scolding. God shook me, right to my heart and it took my breath away. I was miserable. Instead of giving Eden breakfast, I sat in the chair in our den and cried. She was very concerned and came up to me and leaned on my lap and stroked my leg, which made me feel worse.
I have a HUGE responsibility here and I'm not living up to the task. I know God can help me and obviously He wants to because He got my attention this morning.
Ok God. You want a change, You're going to have to make it in me.
Lord, I give you my heart. I give you my soul. I live for You alone. Every breath that I take, every moment I'm awake, Lord, have Your way in me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Thoughts

I took a break from survival mode to pretend I didn't have a baby three weeks ago and stepped out for a little Christmas party with the Spousal Alliance of UMC. Chuck and I got dressed up for the first time since being parents of two and went to dinner with the group.
I decided to take some pictures when I got back to commemorate the event. Here's one.

This morning, I'm listening to Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. He's talking about Christmas and the fact that Jesus had some shady characters in his family that He should have been embarrassed of, just like we all do. He's talking about the fact that Matthew included some strange choices in Jesus' geneology. He, as a despised tax collector, sinner, and overall despicable character, understood that the story of Jesus shouldn't be about associations with only admirable people. Jesus came from sinners and came to save sinners. God had come for those who needed a gift, not those who seemed perfect. The sinners like Tamar and Rahab, the awful mistake of David and Bathsheeba, the non-Jewish Ruth... they were all connected to Christ. Christ came to connect with sinners. Even the ones in your family... in my family... even me.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's Been A While

... so I thought I owed everyone some sort of post. I do not have the brain cells available to me to write anything lengthy, but I wanted to post something or other, just to say I have.

I am currently waiting for the gas company to come by, as we apparently have some sort of leak outside our house. A big thanks goes out to the postman for letting me know he smelled gas as he walked by.

Ok, the gas guy just showed up. He said he didn't detect anything or smell anything, so now I feel silly, but at least it's good news that there's no leak.

Chuck's back from a workout... I'll finish this tomorrow...

next day:

I'm trying out a new schedule today. Eden is still with my parents in Atlanta. We left her there after Thanksgiving so I could have a week or so back here with just Arielle to continue to recover before I had to take care of an infant and an almost two-year-old. I've been taking a nap in the mornings from 9-11am every day, which I would not be able to do with Eden here. So, today, I got up at 8am and I'm going to stay up until 1pm, when Eden normally naps. The trick will be to get Arielle to nap at that time too.
Right now she's being very fussy, so I guess it's a good thing that I'm not trying to take a morning nap today. I really dislike a crying baby. It's no fun. Especially when you can't seem to do anything to soothe.
I've been leaving the TV on most of the day to somewhat simulate the noise that Eden will bring with her when she returns home. Arielle was doing really great sleeping through her sister's shrieks while we were all in Atlanta, but I'm afraid she's getting spoiled with quiet this week.
I've had about all the crying I can take for now. I'd better get her out of her pack n' play.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Korres and E.L.F. Update

Two new YouTube vids available!
Click here for the first where I tell you all about my first impressions of the Korres samples I got in the mail.
Click here for the end of the Korres sample video and a bit about my first introduction to E.L.F. products, which can be found at, some Kmart stores and some Target stores.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's the Best

I don't really have anything to write here, so I thought I'd try to appease you with a couple pictures of Eden. Sorry, that's the best I've got.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another Hair-Do

I wanted to play a minute before I went to bed, so I redid my makeup and tried some things and then decided to try something with my hair. I've never been able to do (nor have I really tried that hard) a pony with a pouf. This is a Mississippi favorite, from what I can tell, and I wanted to see if I could make it work. I think it's a nice way to make your pony tail look more "on purpose" rather than an indication that you didn't really have the time or desire to do your hair that day. At least that's what a ponytail usually indicates on me.
How I did it:
I put it in a high ponytail with an elastic. - Tip for all ponytails: I hate getting that little bump below my ponytail, don't you? That can be avoided by tilting your head back while securing the elastic. Then, when you look straight ahead again, the hair underneath the ponytail is pulled tight. It helps. - Next, I took the handle of an eyeshadow brush (because I do not own a rat-tailed comb) and used it to lift the hair up around the crown of my head while holding onto the elastic with my other hand to make sure I didn't pull the whole ponytail around and loosen it on all sides. After doing this, I just had a little bit more voluminousness on the top, nothing special. So, I got out a headband with teeth and placed it just behind my bangs, pressing it securely on my scalp and pushed back, effectively raking the hair into a pouf closer to the ponytail.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Color Purple

I posted yet another video to YouTube. Y'all, this video began as a 25 minute long video!! I gab rediculously while filming myself, apparently. I had to edit out so much and I do really wish I could have been more concise so you could see the other lipglosses I talked about.
I wanted to share this because, once again, I am learning new things and I wanted to pass on what I'm learning, just in case there are other clueless souls out there like me when it comes to makeup. My latest discoveries are mixing lip colors, trying one new color family in particular and layering lipstick with lipgloss.
The other products not mentioned in the video that I had an opinion about are:

-Neutrogena MoistureShine lipglosses in Whisper and Groove.
I really liked the creamy texture of this gloss and did notice that I didn't need to reapply as often as expected. I don't know what they smell like... maybe some sort of healthy, grainy cereal like my mom and dad might have in their cabinet. I'm not a fan really. They have the typical "doe foot" applicator, which a lot of the makeup gurus seem to shun, but works just fine for me.
These two colors are on the lighter end of the spectrum and are very pretty in the tubes. I thought Whisper might make for a nice glossy nude lip, but ended up washing me out too much. It looks like I put concealer on my lips and then a clear gloss over it. Just didn't flatter me at all. I do find, though, that it's great for toning down brighter colors, making them more neutral and wearable.
Groove is a really beautiful soft pink, but I didn't feel like it looked a whole lot different than Whisper on my lips. (I'd like to wear that color, or paint it on a wall. It's really, really pretty) It does look nice paired with a pink blush, like my NARS Orgasm blush or my Bare Minerals True All Over Face Color to give the pink some oomph.

-Stila mini lipglaze set in Brown Sugar, Apricot and Starfruit
I have seen so much hype about these lipglazes on YouTube and jumped at the chance to get three for $8 from the Sephora website. I'm glad I didn't invest more in them. As far as I can tell, these are scented and each color smells different. I'm not opposed to any of them so far. They have a brush at one end and a rotating dial at the other that clicks as you push product into the brush. I tend to find product oozing from the brush (fortunately, there is a cap) when I return a day later for the next application. Not a great design for me.
Apricot and Starfruit are peach and pink respectively, but so sheer that I might as well be wearing a really sticky chapstick. Now, sometimes a sticky lipgloss is good, because it's not going to slide off your lips. Not really my preference though.
The Brown Sugar color does actually deposit color on my lips. I get a nice glossy... um... brown sugar color. It's very aptly named, I must say. I don't have any brownish lipcolor in my collection, so it's nice to have that option now, if I want it. I can see wearing it with bronzes, taupes and other neutrals for a nice look.

Watch here.

POW: Natural, Beneficial and Pretty

I've been continuing to read and learn about the Korres brand of skincare and cosmetic products. I just can't get those few brief days where I was using the sample of the Wild Rose foundation out of my mind. I'm using my Laura Mercier foundation now, and I am enjoying it. It has good coverage, feels light, lasts all day and gives me a nice even complexion. I AM still concerned about some of the ingredients and wonder if I'm doing anything good for my skin, or just covering what I don't like about it.
The Korres website had a special offer where you can try 8 samples of their bath, body, and cosmetic products plus the three samples you get to choose with every order. I couldn't resist going ahead and getting the Wild Rose foundation as well as a couple of value sets for Christmas gifts to get free shipping. I'll be sure to review the sample products as I try them.
Here are a few of the things I learned about Korres in my research.

"Korres is committed to developing safe, effective and natural products by broadly avoiding synthetic components that can sum up to 30-60% of cosmetic formula, replacing them with greatly beneficial naturally derived ingredients. Korres' products are further enriched with active plant extracts."

"Having realized the overload of information and the level of misunderstanding surrounding natural ingredient based cosmetics, Korres sets new standards by allowing the product to educate consumers. Through the use of a clear & factual ingredient table, featured on the side of each product, Korres helps consumers make their choice in an honest and genuine customer-caring approach."

I really appreciate that. I'm trying my best here to use healthy products and they're assisting me in discovering if their product is a good choice for me.

"Korres’ skincare line is built upon the brand’s vast knowledge of herbal ingredients that stems from its origins as the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, Greece. With a repertoire of more than 3,000 herbal remedies, Korres selects the most effective natural ingredients—like wild rose, sugar, yogurt, thyme, honey, olive, and rye—for their unique ability to address specific skin concerns."

"As with all Korres' natural skincare and color products, the Wild Rose collection is formulated to achieve maximum, long-lasting results using highly effective, natural extracts. What you won't find: harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. What you will find: skin-friendly products loaded with wild rose oil. Rich in vitamin C, wild rose oil offers potent antioxidant protection and also works to fight fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It can even assist in cell regeneration and in improving skin texture. End result? Gorgeous skin with a natural glow."

These descriptions of the Korres history, commitment to natural ingredients and benefits come from the Korres website and the Sephora website. Can you believe that all the benefits of the Wild Rose skincare regimen are also found in their Wild Rose foundation, concealer and finishing powder?! That means that your makeup IS a skincare regimen. You put concealer under and around your eyes and you're treating your fine lines. You put foundation on and you're improving the quality and hydration of your skin. That is pretty cool.
Because it was developed in Greece, the color selection of the foundation is all made for skin with olive and yellow undertones. As I mentioned in a previous post, the foundation color definitely doesn't match the skin on my face, BUT, because my neck and arms are not as pale as my face, it blends once it's on. I also really enjoyed the way it cut the redness on my face and evened out my skin tone. Just imagine if my skin tone could get more even over time without any makeup on... because of using this makeup!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Shower Gift

Here's one of the other baby shower gifts that I had finished but couldn't post pictures of yet, for fear of spoiling the surprise. She already knows I was making a swaddler for her little boy, so it won't completely ruin it if she happens to check my blog between now and 2 pm tomorrow.

I decided to make a matching hat. Whether or not it will actually fit his little head, only time will tell. Looks cute just sitting there, though. :)
The swaddler is my own knock-off of one I saw on Etsy called the Pod.

The top can be folded down or not. The baby's arms can be inside or out. (My white fleece baby is demonstrating the arms tucked in.) And the bottom can be folded up for a fetal position or left out to allow baby's legs to kick.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Uncomfortableness that is Halloween

We didn't celebrate Halloween when I was growing up. I agree with the choice my parents made and I never missed the candy. When I was in grade school, our church had a "Hallelujah Night" and I remember playing games and dressing up as a princess or other non-scary character for a few years running.
Not only did I not know I was missing anything when I was little, I don't remember ever having to explain to friends why I didn't go from house to house threatening a trick if I wasn't given a treat. It was just what it was. My parents explained their reasoning to me, but I didn't really relay it to anyone else.
Now, as a parent, I realize how hard choices like that sometimes can be. Not only are you not doing what everyone else is, but explaining why (or just mentioning your inclination not to participate) can get very uncomfortable. After all, doesn't a particular choice on someone's part usually mean that they consider the other choice unacceptable and even wrong? Therefore, without saying it, I feel as though I am not only explaining my family's choice, but also condemning the person to whom I am speaking (assuming their choice is different from mine). Not to mention we are probably considered the fuddy-duddy family in our neighborhood for not passing out candy.
All that being said. I wasn't sure I even wanted to write this post... but my blog is about getting to know me. This is what's on my mind right now and is something that will be a part of me for years of Octobers to come. I found a pretty concise explanation on the K-Love webpage that explains more of my reasoning if you're interested. You can read it here.

Oh geez. Butterfly Kisses just came on. Excuse me, but I HAVE to change it before I start bawling...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My Pick of the Week this week is adorable girl clothing. I have discovered and fallen in love with boutique clothing and all the fun fabrics and patterns that go along with it. I have to say that, although I oooh and aaaah at the pictures of these cute little girls modeling this cute, cute clothing, I don't think I could really dress my girls like this every day in real life (even if the budget allowed it... which it most definitely does NOT). I think these looks are pretty over-the-top, but still fun to look at and glean ideas from.

This beautiful creation is from the Lily and Ebony Etsy shop. The bright colors really appeal to
me. Somehow, the dress still seems very casual and wearable even with all the ruffles (you can't see in this pic, but there are ruffles all down the back). Maybe it's just the casual stance of the model... Oh, and I love that cute pocket too. You can have this little treasure all for yourself for the eye-popping price of $149.00.

Did I mention the budget was restrictive?

Isn't this lovely? I love the color choices, the simplicity of the design and the extra detail of the
sash. You already know I am loving sashes. This is from the Momi Boutique Etsy shop and is priced at a very reasonable (only in comparison) $40 for the dress and $27 for the pants.

If you're like me (provided you're a woman) you might be thinking, I know I'm too old to wear that stuff, right?? but I WANT to anyway. I wonder if a ruffle pant would look silly... Would it be unacceptable to wear a pillowcase top? Well, here's your, our, answer. Boutique Mia by CXV on Etsy. They offer pillowcase tops, dresses and, yes, even ruffle pants for women. This is one of my favorites in their line. It's a simple, elastic top, strapless a-line dress with a ribbon for waist definition. It's *cough, cough* $64... but wait... look at this versatility!

Wear it as a high-waisted a-line skirt with a sash and voila! a new level of sophistication and a dress that can be worn in every season. I love it. And one day... I'm going to make it. You just wait.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Asymmetrical Debut

Here it is! my new asymmetrical haircut. She just cleaned up the ends, so I still have the same layers as before and she shortened the back a bit so that the angled cut would still work with my hair longer like it is now.
Do you like it? huh? Isn't it just the right amount of interesting? If you live in or near Jackson and you are looking for an awesome hairdresser, go see Heather at Noggins!
You looooove it. Muah! I can tell...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm getting a haircut in two days and in an effort to still have something fun and unique in the way of a hairstyle while I grow it out (once again), I've been scouring the net looking for medium length styles. I ran across a really nice look modeled by Gwyneth Paltrow. I've never really been a fan of her long limp locks, but I think she really did a great thing here and jazzed it up a bit with some waves and a bit of asymmetry.

Ever since I was little, my mom instilled in me a perfectionists heart that can really get me in trouble sometimes. That perfectionism extended to hairstyling as well. Mom used to be a hairdresser, so she cut, permed, colored and styled my hair as I was growing up. Yes, permed. I grew up in the 80's people and she did her best to keep me stylish. Failed miserably, but did her best.
During college, I remember deciding not to use a comb to perfectly part my hair one day. I'd always made sure in the past that each hair was on it's own correct side of the part. No single hair mussing up the straight line of scalp. This gets especially tricky with hairstyles parted all the way down the back. I would often devote more time in the mornings to doing my hair before dance class if I intended to do two "Princess Leia" buns or two braids, or other center parted updos (which I used to break up the monotony of the single bun chosen most often by dancers).
I felt daring and even naughty for not bothering to make sure each hair was perfectly placed that day. From that time on, I stopped being so meticulous about my parts and just let my hair fall naturally where it liked. I found it freeing. :) It's still hard for me to totally give in to the trend of the "messy" updo, or to not take the time to make sure each curl has the same spring as the others when using a curling iron to style my hair.
So, with a background like this, you can surmise that getting an asymmetrical cut is not in my nature. I think the nice thing about this one is that it's not too obvious and you could emphasize or de-emphasize it depending on your mood. I want options people! There just aren't that many when you're trying to grow your hair out. We'll see what I end up with on Thursday. I'll post a pic, of course, so you can see too.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Life in General

At the moment, I feel like I've got quite a few different trains of thought all running on different tracks through my brain. Often their dischordant "ca-lack, ca-lack" ing and "chuga-chuga-choo" ing keeps me up at night.
I feel like I've become somewhat of a different person during the course of this pregnancy. It's like I've had a new awakening to creating, crafting, sewing, fashion and makeup. I'm afraid I can't really say that I've grown into a different person spiritually, although God's definitely working on me... just no drastic changes yet. And I can't say that I've grown into the kind of housewife and mom that I really want to be. I've just changed in superficial areas. sigh. I guess those superficial areas are still part of me and it's ok for that part of me to evolve.
Anyway, back to those trains. One of them is totally dedicated to ideas about house organization, a place for everything and... you know the rest. I want to organize the storage room, declutter the hall closets, actually create a sewing nook with places to put projects and fabric and patterns and tools.
Another train is all about continuing to decorate the house. I have sooooo many ideas and projects in my head. Paint the hall. Draw more artwork with a gold paint pen in our bedroom. Pick some pictures from my parent's trip to Italy to blow up, frame and hang in the guest bedroom, Prod my aunt about the magnolia painting I commissioned from her a while back to hang in the living room. Get vinyl wall lettering for the living room and the master. Paint a decorative flower/scroll pattern on the living room wall across from the accent wall in the dining room. Replace the old, dingy fabric in the doors of the buffet with new fabric. I could really go on and on....
The third train charges through my brain with sewing projects galore. I have at least 4 unfinished projects waiting right now and three more that MUST be completed before Arielle arrives. Then there's all the stuff I want to make that's not necessary, just a want.
A couple days ago, the Christmas train arrived. It's really a conglomeration, hauling cars from almost all the other trains. I'm thinking of how I'd like my house to look this Christmas, what I could craft for presents and what I need to do relating to Christmas before the baby gets here that I might not be able to/want to afterwards.
Of course, you all know about this new makeup train that just rolled on in not that long ago and now I can't stop wanting to learn all about brands, ingredients, tips and techniques. It's a big, loud train. Sephora has become a weekly haunt as I find new products on YouTube that I want to try for myself. I'm really surprised the sales people don't recognize me... maybe they do and just don't let on. I mean, how many other red-haired, extremely pregnant women with cute little blonde-haired toddlers come in there?

I went in today to try the Korres Wild Rose Foundation and the Tarte Cheek Stain stick thingy. Seriously, I am now totally in love with both of these products. I already ordered my Laura Mercier foundation from Ebay, but after that's used, Korres' foundation is probably next in line. I didn't even know about this brand a week ago. But it's really everything I want in a foundation. Their products are on Sephoras "green" list because they are formulated without mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances etc. It's a brightening foundation (not matte and not dewy) with great coverage and buildability. The only possible downside is the SPF 20, but now that I'm using a primer, that should cut the risk of blemishes.
And this foundation (from reading the reviews on Sephora's site and elsewhere) actually improves peoples' skin the more they wear it. Ladies are talking about their skin looking better and better every time they wash the makeup off. How's that for a perk? Although it's color formulations are limited (only six shades to choose from) and they are really more olive based, whereas I'm ruddy, I think my skin has never looked better than it does with the Wild Rose Foundation I have on today. The Sephora rep made me a sample to take home and I'm really looking forward to trying it again tomorrow and seeing if I still love it as much as I do today. Other big plus to Korres? Their foundation is $28 compared to Laura Mercier's $42. Nice.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arielle's Christmas Dress

Here's the mini version of the dress I made for Eden. I love the idea of matching sisters!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Makeup Time Again

I thought I'd do a video on my current faves and some new stuff I've tried that I like and some that doesn't really work for me. There are a couple of bargain hunter drugstore finds and a couple of application tips too.
I posted on YouTube again. You can watch here.

And, random thought of late... I want to get hair extensions, not in a salon, just off a rack. I've said that before, but I'm really curious if anyone who was not a professional hairstylist and just bought the Jessica Simpson ones could really put them in and look natural. I've seen videos and it doesn't look that hard. Just seems like the perfect solution to my hair desires. I like it short because I feel like I have more of an individual style, but I like the option of long hair (I've always idolized Aurora from Sleeping Beauty) and all the updo opportunities that come with it. I also would love to be able to do some highlights or lowlights, but I'm not about to shell out $50 or more every month for maintainance. Hair extensions (reasonable length ones, not down to my butt or anything) seem like a possible solution. hmmmm.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Something that turned out right the first time! Sewing is MUCH more enjoyable when I follow a pattern (an easy one that includes step by step instructions with photos) and just take things slowly. Talking to myself while I work seems to help to. :)
I used the Peasant Top/Dress pattern from Whimsy Couture and added the sash with the flower. I'm loving the sash idea and I've seen it a lot. It's a nice option to make the dress something special and you can use the flower or not (it's on a clip) and you can tie it in the back or the front, in a bow or a knot... so versatile!
I have a couple of options for Eden to wear for Christmas, but I really wanted to make her a dress myself.
So I did it. And now that I've done one, I'm not as scared to try to make Arielle's.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gotta Love a Deal

I always get excited about saving money... not the kind of saving money where you don't spend any at all, but the kind where you spend less than you thought you might have to.
I've been Ebay hunting and I discovered a listing about 3 days ago for the Laura Mercier foundation that matched my skin so well. It goes for $42 full price and this listing began the bidding at 99 cents. (is there really no cents sign on my keyboard? hmmm) I was the first bidder and the only bidder for 2 of the 3 days. Needless to say, I was getting very excited about getting it for $4 including shipping. Then the inevitable happened and someone else bid $10. My cap was $14.50 because that's about all that's left in my part of the budget this month, so I went for it, afraid I would forget to be in front of my computer in the last few minutes of bidding. Apparently the other bidder wasn't interested in paying more than that either because I won it! $17.50 total for a $42 product. Yea! That's almost like buying a "high-end" drugstore brand like Physician's Formula.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Being Someone Else

Here's today's hair experiment. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on hairstyling last night and got inspired to try something new. I never ever tease, but It makes hair much more interesting. I think that my side-swept

pouf is a bit too "perfect" and therefore looking dated. I don't know what era, but it's not looking "rocker girl" like I envisioned. maybe it's the choice of adornment that's adding to lack of modernity...

Anyway, I decided to try and wear this out and I felt very much stared at and very much not myself. But it was kind-of fun to be someone else for a while, whoever else it is that would do their hair like this. :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

All By Myself

I don't know how I can get some really good lighting but here's a picture of me with my own take on a make up look using some of the things I learned from my makeovers. I'm sad you can't see it very well, but I'll tell you what I used anyway.
I primed my face with the oil-free primer sample from Lorac I got with my Sephora order. Then I used some of my Arbonne liquid foundation in shade 1C. Unfortunately, this foundation is SPF 8 and I'm trying not to use SPF on my face for a couple of weeks to see if it helps my acne issues, but maybe having the primer on my face first will protect it. ??? I then used my BareMinerals powder foundation as a concealer around my eyes, and nose and all over my eye lids as a base for shadow and liner. I used a drugstore brow pencil in an auburn shade to define my brows. I decided to go with the more dramatic MAC eyeliner look on the lid using a drugstore brown liquid liner. I used Queen Phyllis (my daily sandard) shimmery gold powder shadow from BareMinerals on my lid and tear ducts and then accented with a blue-green color called Freedom on my lower lash line. I used the NARS blush/bronzer duo for my cheek color and contour and finished it off with BareMinerals Buxom lip gloss in Bunny.
We went out to see an air show earlier today and there was definitely some dewiness involved (that's the girl term for sweating), but my makeup really lasted. This picture was taken at the end of the day and probably the only thing that needed touching up was my lip gloss. I'm really noticing the difference of using a primer. Not only does my makeup have more staying power, but I'm having to use less to cover.
Onward in my makeup adventures.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I promised that by the end of the week, I would make a post about some "deep thoughts" I've had. It's only a few more hours until the end of the week, so I'd better get crackin'.
We went to a different church on Sunday. We attended a Vineyard church in Augusta and thought we'd probably want something different here in Jackson, but the familiar is easy and comfortable. We tried the Jackson Vineyard this past week and, boy was it a great week to go! I'm so, so happy we visited. This may not become our new church, but we were really blessed by this Sunday's service.
They had a guest speaker, but even before he spoke, I was impressed by the pastor's (I'm assuming he was the pastor) opening prayer. He prayed that we would show Jesus to the people we saw through the week and that we would seek boldness from the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with those whose paths crossed ours. Boldness... good stuff.
Worship was very lively. There were lots of people, men and women, raising their hands. There were also a couple ladies dancing on one side in the front and a young girl with some flags on the other side. I like to see that, of course. The "skit," as the pastor called it, was a duet of the two dancers I had noticed earlier in worship.
Everyone was dressed VERY casually. There was a whole troop of bikers and the congregation seemed generally to be lower to middle class... just judging from the cars in the parking lot... um... and by the haircuts and fashion choices.
I have to be totally honest here and say that I felt like I really didn't fit in. I had to confront my snootiness (snootiness I didn't even know I had!) and realize that it would probably be really good for me to get out of my own "class" and mingle with people that aren't exactly like me. Huh, imagine that.
Now I'd like to share the main thing I took from what the speaker said. He was a former member of a band called Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section aka The Swampers. He had a radical conversion experience and now plays his guitar for Christ and speaks. He used to pastor a church as well. The first thing that struck me was how he could play guitar, and play well, and I felt drawn to worship, directed to worship. I grew up with parents that were uncomfortable with guitar solos during worship. Something about guitar and it's relation to rock music, which they don't care for... They were just always distracted by a guitar solo. The felt like it detracted from worship and brought focus to the musician. I, by default, have had the same discomfort in the past.
I think I posted here about the minister who came to Christ Life a couple of times and ministered with singing before he preached. I was just uncomfortable with that, but then I had to ask myself why it would be different to dance to direct the congregation toward worship. I didn't have an answer, but all I knew is that I felt like his singing performance did, in fact, detract from worship and make me focus more on him.
So, same question here. Why was it any different for him to play his guitar for us (for God really) than for me or others to dance a performance? Well, in this case, I didn't feel it was any different at all. I wasn't made uncomfortable by his playing. It brought me toward God and I was able to appreciate the talent God had given him and be inspired by the fact that he was using his abilities to honor the One Who had provided them.
He said, in between songs, that he used to play only mediocre guitar in church settings when he first got saved because he was afraid of just what I've been talking about my parents and I feeling. But then he thought "Why should I play worse for Jesus than I did for the Devil!?" I thought that was a really great "aha" moment. That's just so true. He went on to say that to waste or diminish his talent didn't make sense, ESPECIALLY in a setting of worshiping his Creator. That clicked for me.
All that being said, I think that there is a very present temptation and danger of slipping into self-promoting performance. But I totally think that if your heart is fully towards worship that using your talents with excellence and sharing them in the corporate worship setting is completely acceptable. It's all about your heart.
He said a lot of other really great things, so many nuggets that were worthy of an audible "That's right!" from me.
God is so good. We were both so glad to have the chance to be blessed by Him and that guest speaker.

MAC Makeover

Back to YouTube again. Blogger doesn't like my videos apparently.
My MAC experience was very different from my Laura Mercier experience. I really appreciated the consultant being honest with me about her opinion of MAC's products, but what she had to say pretty much let me know that I didn't need to be using them. There's soooo much buzz on YouTube about MAC cosmetics. They seem to be somewhat of a standard of comparison for other cosmetics, so I just assumed they were awesome. Not for me.
Check it out if you're curious.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Impromptu Laura Mercier Makeover

I'd like to share with everyone the results of my free makeover at the Laura Mercier makeup counter in Maison Weiss. I do tend to babble on (I've really got to work on that), but if you've got 12 minutes, you might learn a tip or two about makeup. I thought I knew how to do my makeup well, but the makeup artist did some things with me today and told me some things that I would have never known otherwise.
I also mention my awesome new glasses and my awesome 40's inspired 'do. :) Totally unrelated, but... I knew you were dying to feel totally up to date on my life in the minutest detail. right?

I couldn't get it to upload here this time, so it's on YouTube here. Scratch that... My rambling on got me in trouble. YouTube vids must be 10 min. or shorter apparently. I'm going back in to re-edit.
Ok, now I've done it. Here is the link, for real.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My First Review

Here's my thoughts/review on the goodies I got in my Sephora box. I've been watching all these makeup reviews and tutorials on YouTube and, although, I do not aspire to have my own channel and do this regularly, I thought it would be fun to try it out while Eden was in "playpen time." With a lot of editing, I still ended up with less then succinct descriptions.
(There is a small blip where I'm talking about the Hope In A Tube product, where my laptop took a little nap and the video cuts out. It's an "eye and lip firming creme"... that's what I tried to say.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just for Me

I got some belated birthday money from my father-in-law a couple of weeks ago and I spent it all in the last week on some stuff just for fun. I wanted to share, because I'm excited. I'll tell you what I got and I'll try to give you an update as I use each item. Is this blog getting frou-frou or what? Oh well, I have some deep thoughts I want to write about that I'll get to this week...

My birthday splurges included 6 patterns from WhimsyCouture on Etsy. I got a toddler pants pattern with options for ruffled bottoms, a knot dress pattern, I shirred bodice dress pattern, a ruffle skirt/twirl dress pattern, a criss-cross pinafore top pattern and a peasant top/dress pattern. I figure with those patterns and making a few variations here and there on my own, I should be able to make LOTS of different looks for my two girls... and maybe me as well. I've cut out fabric pieces for two of the patterns already, but haven't started sewing.

I also ordered some makeup and perfume from Sephora. I am constantly looking for THE perfect perfume. I want a signature scent that both I and my husband really love that I can wear for years and be known by. The problem is that I like variety. I don't like having the same haircut, the same makeup colors or the same perfume for very long. There's just too many other options to try and I don't want to miss out. The other problem is that there hasn't really been anything that Chuck has really gone ga-ga for. I want to wear something that will make him swoon, in a manly way. He likes everything I wear, but he just says "That smells good." or "That smells nice." I want him to say "Mmmmm, what is THAT!? You smell positively delicious!" ... or whatever the manly version of that would be.
When I look for scents to try on, I usually look for citrus, not flowers. He always turns up his nose at flowery scents. Unfortunately, those are usually the ones I really love. I came across a scent recently by Philosophy called Falling In Love, tried it on, enjoyed it, let him smell me when he got home and got a pretty decent reaction. He sniffed, leaned away and then leaned back in for another, longer sniff. I kept spritzing it on every few days whenever Eden and I were at or near a place that carried it and he kept giving the same sort-of double take (double smell?) reaction that showed it had piqued his interest. It's a blend of vanilla, florals and berries that neither of us probably would have bothered to sniff if we'd seen the description first.
All that to say, I ordered some from Sephora, as well as a blusher/bronzer duo from Nars in a very embarassing color name. It's apparently (I've learned very recently) the color Nars is known for, their signature color that's supposed to be universally flattering and give a natural flushed glow to the cheeks. What can I say? I'm curious. It came in a set with the bronzer (I don't have a bronzer) and the matching nail polish.
As an added bonus, I'm getting the 3 free samples that come with Sephora orders. Two out of the three, I didn't really care about, but the one I'm really curious to try is a primer. I've never used a make-up primer, never even thought about it, but maybe this will save me re-applying halfway through the day. I also found a code online for a free Philosophy Miracle Worker Skin Care set worth $65. I'm excited to try it because they create their formulas without mineral oil, parabens, pthalates and other yucky stuff. The absence of yuckiness is why I've been using Arbonne for my facial care, but I'm considering not renewing my consultant status this coming June because there are so many other options out there now that are similarly priced that seem equally free of yuck.
It all arrives tomorrow! I'll give my own version of a review after I've tried them out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Favorite

Being able to make things for baby shower gifts.

I've made hair bows, two outfits, a matching swaddler and hat and, most recently a burp cloth which will become a set as soon as I make the second one. I have plans to make another burp cloth set and some more hair bows for another shower in November.
You've seen pictures of the two outfits, but I can't post pictures of the swaddler/hat set because I haven't given them yet. I can't post pictures of the burp cloths, because the others I plan to make will be from the same fabric and that would spoil that gift too.
Sorry to leave you hanging. I'll post them eventually.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's back! (at least for this Wednesday)

My pick for this week is something I want, but have absolutely no reason to get because I would never actually use/wear it. These tiny creations are just too stinkin' cute not to want anyway!
These are from OneElf's Etsy shop. I'm so impressed with her mixture of realism and irresistible cuteness.

Take, for example, these earrings. Don't cha just wanna lick 'em? These make me wish I was 8 years old again. I'd be the hippest 8 year old... and every other girl in 3rd grade would wish they had rainbow popsicle earrings like me.

And then there's the grilled cheese pendant. It looks so packed with buttery-toasted-yumminess that it's making me wonder what I could possibly wear it with. If I wanted to publicly declare my undying love for grilled cheese, this would be the perfect way to do it.

Now these... these are just delightful. Of course, I may be a little partial because I crave all thinks sweet and full of carbs, but these make me want to try to knit again, just so I have a reason to use these cutesy stitch markers. Something like these, one could just get personal enjoyment from and not worry about if someone else thought they were trying to be 8 years old again.

I Love Color

...but it's a bit overwhelming to be picking paint colors for our house exterior. It's very intimidating. Maybe if I knew we were staying here for a while, I wouldn't be quite as concerned, but I know we need to sell in a little less than four years. I've watched enough HGTV to know that neutrals sell houses, but I don't want to just throw in the towel and settle for "Utterly Beige" or, even better, "Greige." I want some interest, some character, if I'm going to have the chance to pick my house color. I mean, how often do you really get to do that?
Oh the POWER.
Oh the responsibility...
We went to Sherwin Williams two days ago to pick up some paint chips and I found some colors I really like. The color combination I liked the most was complimented, but then shot down by the painter when he came to give an estimate. I picked this really beautiful brown with muted aqua shutters and a creamy color for the trim. He said the colors looked very nice together, but the brown might be too dark on the whole house, which is what Chuck was afraid of. He said it might look depressing to buyers. I thought it would look sophisticated. All the other houses near us are various tones of grey, tan and beige and I do not want ours to look the same as every other house.
Now I'm considering the idea of painting the cedar shake (about 1/5 of the front of our house and 1/3 of the back) the velvety brown and the brick a lighter shade from the same paint swatch. That way, I get my interesting color, but I don't have to be as concerned about putting buyers off because the majority of the house would be the lighter (read - more boring) color. I can still get some personality in there with the aqua shutters and hopefully stand out in a good way with the only house in our neighborhood to have a two-tone exterior.
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This was way too good not to repost and it expresses what God's been laying on my heart every so often. He just keeps coming back around and working on me a little bit more. Same subject matter. Same suggestions. One day, I'll get it.
This is from Ali at A Cup of Cold Water. You can find the link to her honest thoughts about God and her family life at the link at the bottom of this page.

"Do you ever feel uncool? Like everyone in the world is cooler than you? More popular
than you? Being used by God in ways that you would NEVER be used? I need to get in the Word. I'll tell you what. How long, Oh, Lord, will I be in the 6th grade? How long will I long for You to mold me into something that I am not? How long will I look on with envy that you have gifted others in ways that You have not gifted me. How long will I be sad that I don't sew, or monogram things...or want to? How long? How long will I want to spend time with people that I don't have anything in common with? How long will I scoff at the life and talents and mercies you have so freely poured out on me? How long? Until I spend time with You, You say. Until I value Your Word more than I value 20 minutes of extra sleep? Until I seek Your will alone, rather than my own. Then, You say, and ONLY then will I be satisfied. Then, and only then, will I look at where the boundary lines have fallen and declare them to be so perfect. Oh, Father, won't you captivate my heart again. Won't You please satisfy me in the morning with Your unfailing love. I'm not all that...but to Christ...ahh...but because of Christ..."

Monday, September 07, 2009

Humbling Revelations

It's hard to learn about yourself.  Most of the time, when you learn something about yourself, it seems to be uncomfortable and unsavory.  The sermon Sunday was about growing and putting the past behind.  The pastor said that he would take someone telling him he hadn't changed a bit since high school as an insult.  I can see that.  I'm definitely a different person and something would be very wrong if I wasn't.  Hopefully, I'm different because God's growing me.  Hopefully, I can respond to the things He reveals to me about myself with a determination to continue to conform to His image.  Isn't it great that He doesn't show us everything ugly about us all at once?  Sometimes, it's pretty embarrassing to have been oblivious to certain flaws for so long, but He knows when I'm ready to change.  Things like that should make me more gracious to others who have (in my eyes) obvious flaws that they don't seem to be working on.  Hello!  they see the same in me.  
It's so amazing that God can be so loving with us all and knows exactly when we're ready to be receptive to His leading to change.  He doesn't look at us with disdain or disgust as we continue to stumble around and make messes without even realizing it.  He just waits for the perfect time.  He knows us intimately and still wants to know us.  He loves us.  That's just amazing.  I'm amazed and humbled.  Hopefully, I can stay that way for a while.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Baby Lucas Spoiler

For some reason posting a picture gives me some amount of closure and satisfaction to what is otherwise a pretty stressful event... sewing.  It's probably my own fault that it's stressful.  I take on patterns and tutorials that are above my abilities and training.... um, what training?  That's the other part of the problem, no idea what i'm really doing.  I know how to thread my machine and to change the thread color to match my project.  I know that turning the switch on the side sends the electricity to it so that when I push the pedal the needle goes up and down.  I can pick the straight stitch or the zig-zag stitch by turning a dial to match the picture of the stitch I want.  (by the way, I just kind-of eenie, meenie, minee, moe it when it comes to picking the stitch)  The last problem is choosing to try to make things purely by sight.  By that, I mean with no pattern whatsoever, just eyeing it.  I look at a garment and say, "hmm, that looks simple enough" and then I try to cut out fabric pieces that look like they might make that garment when stitched together.
It's pretty absurd really... and very stressful.  
Why do I do that!?  I really have no idea what continues to compel me.  I think that I forget (like having a baby) the pain of the last project and think it will really be a fun adventure this time.  And parts of it are thrilling.  And parts of it are fun.  And parts of it are.... grrr.

I had to finish this outfit by Friday because we're bringing it to Atlanta with us to give to our friends for their new baby Lucas.  Chuck took Eden out for a bit (because all the above risk factors are only compounded by a toddler in the sewing room) and I finally finished it.  Mostly.  I still have to put elastic in the pants, but that's easy.  No, really, I can usually handle that without messing it up.  Although I DID mess it up not too long ago.  I sewed the two ends of the elastic together not realizing that it had twisted in it's travels through the waistband.  I'll try not to make that mistake this time.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sewing Continues

Here is a kimono top I made for Eden from this pattern.  This is the same pattern I used for baby Devlin's kimono and pant set, but I had to alter it quite a bit.  It was a combination of cutting the pattern pieces wrong (imagine that) and the fact that Eden must be rounder than it allows for.  I also had to alter the neck to make it curved in the back instead of straight across, or it would pucker.  You can't really tell, but there are triangular panels of that orange flower accent fabric on either side to make it more of an a-line.  I think it's quite pretty on her.  It definitely needs a shirt underneath, which wasn't the original intention, but will be perfect for cooler weather.  I'll post a picture the whole thing on my little model when I get the pants done.

Here's the other v-neck t-shirt I bought at the same time as the pink one.  I had different plans for it.  I had seen these scrappy looking approximations of flowers that I thought were kind-of charming.  I decided to try it.  This hasn't been washed yet and I expect the edges of the "flowers" to fray, which should be interesting.  I can't decide if I'm in love with it or if it's weird looking.  It's hard to know if you saw something in a boutique that you hadn't made whether or not you would like it.  That's art for ya... well, for me anyway.  As the artist, I know the process, the flaws, the details... and it's hard to just see the big picture and make a judgement.
I'm thinking about adding some leaves to the 
top one (maybe the bottom one too) to clue in the observer to the flower idea.  What do you think?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The good news is I think I've found someone to document the birth.  It's still gonna be a good chunk of change, but I feel like what she wants to charge is much, much more reasonable than the other photographer I was seriously talking to.  We had a very nice conversation over the phone and she sounds very sweet.  She said she would be really honored and excited to have the opportunity to document such a special event.  She gave me one flat fee for the whole shebang.  I call her when I'm in labor, she comes to the house, follows us to the hospital and stays to take newborn shots.  
She's also including a photo shoot within the first two weeks of baby at home and all the shots on CD with rights to edit and print.  Exactly what I wanted plus the bonus photoshoot after the birth!  I honestly wasn't super thrilled with the photos she had on her webpage.  They were adequate and better than any of my friends can do, but nothing was making me go "wow!"  She directed me to her Facebook page where there were some more recent shots and, thank goodness, those pictures had more of what I was looking for.  I have one more query out to a local photographer and I'm waiting on that reply before I commit, but I really think I've found who we're going to use.

Now the bad news.  I've been up and down about Creative Co-Motion.  I was very proud of myself for starting a business, but, having never started a business before (especially while pregnant and emotional) I did not realize how hard it is to keep a baby business going.  I had 9 students my first month, which I was pleased with since my limit was 12.  I ordered business cards and handed them out, created an official blog and a business email address.  I ended up with about 5 students that were consistently attending class and we had great fun.  
I wasn't quite ready to advertise, because I didn't want to advertise for September, get an influx of new students and then decide to quit in October for preggo reasons and leave my new students high and dry. 
No advertising = no backup = not enough students to continue in September.  Business sense, you know?
Not enough students to continue in September = one disappointed dance teacher.  I was really excited to get back a little of the dance teacher identity that I'd lost since becoming a mom, but I wasn't ready for the business aspect of it all.
I guess I'll just wait until next year and attempt to calculate the emotional cost of trying this again.
Experiences like this are reminders that it is so easy to try to find our fulfillment in things other than Christ.  My identity is not dancer or teacher or even mom, but child of God.
Some verses to remind you of this truth too...

John 15:5I am a branch of Jesus Christ,
the true vine, and a channel
of His life.
John 15:16I have been chosen and
appointed to bear fruit.
1 Corinthians 3:16I am God's temple.
2 Corinthians 5:17-21I am a minister of
reconciliation for God.
Ephesians 2:6I am seated with Jesus Christ
in the heavenly realm.
Ephesians 2:10I am God's workmanship.
Ephesians 3:12I may approach God with
freedom and confidence.
Philippians 4:13I can do all things through
Christ, who strengthens me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Unwilling to settle for an amateur until I had exhausted all my avenues with the professional, I tried to get a price break with the angle of building the photographer's client list since she's never done any birth documentary work, but might like to in the future.   I was giving her the opportunity to practice on me and use my photos to show others why they might also want their birth experience documented. 

It was a really great email.

But no dice.  She pretty much told me she doesn't want to do it at all now.  Booooohooooooo!  I really wanted her to do it and I didn't want to pay $200 an hour for it.
Now to look into photography programs at local colleges...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Rants

How DARE a cockroach be crawling on my fireplace in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon!  Roaches are supposed to skitter around only at night when I'm not looking, never cross my path when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and NEVER show their yucky little brown faces when we have guests staying with us.  That is the Cockroach Code of Conduct.

Why, oh why is Eden so tired after no morning nap, playing in childcare during my Bible study and an afternoon dance class that she's falling asleep in her carseat despite me tickling her feet at red lights and singing extremely loudly to whatever is on the radio, limp as a wet dishrag as I carry her into her room and lay her in her crib, and then suddenly alert, talking and fussing when I leave her room!?!?  AAAAAAArrgh!

How come the draw to touch everything off-limits has suddenly become irresistibly strong for my 19 month old?  Unfortunately, these urges of hers correlate inversely to my level of patience.

Why is photography so darn-tootin' expensive!?  I really need to just learn my camera better, take some classes and get with the program to make some phat cash.  I enjoy doing it.  People like my pictures.  There's not an overflow of photographers here in Jackson.  
But that's not where I was going with this.  I really want someone to take pictures of my labor and birth.  My mom was able to do it last time, but an 8 hr. drive is kind-of prohibitive.  Besides, she told me yesterday that she doesn't really want to be at the hospital anyway.  She'd rather come stay with Eden.  That way, if I'm at the hospital through the night, she can just put Eden to bed and go to sleep.  Lame.  No, really, that's fine with me.  But that means, there's no one to take pictures.  I've looked into hiring someone, but the prices are just ridiculous.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I've got to work something out.  It's pretty stinkin' important to me to document my (possibly) last labor experience.

That's it for now...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Project

Big results.
I bought this plain pink v-neck maternity t-shirt for $7 at Old Navy knowing that I was going to dress it up somehow.  I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but today, I was inspired.   The combination of a baby signs DVD and Veggie Tales on Qubo allowed me just enough time to pretty up this shirt with cut-outs from a too-small plain white undershirt.
I think it looks like I paid a few more dollars than 7 now, don't you?
I'm pleased as punch.  :)

Favorite Friday

New favorite: knock-off's of a pretty things.
I love Anthropologie's clothes.  They're so unbelievably expensive, but so creative and so unique.  It might be worth it to pay for them one day, but, in the mean time, I'll just browse the store to get inspiration.
Here's the Anthropologie belt:

and here's my belt that I made from leftovers of the fabric I used to cover my dining room chairs:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Vocab "Lethon"

Eden's vocabulary, phonetically, sort-of.

No = no
Yes = esth
Eyes = eyeth
Toes = tous
Light = ite
Nest = nesth
Please = peath, cheeth
Socks = gockth, ockth and, if she really focuses, sssssockth
Shoes = shyousth
Hot = ot
Clock = gock, ock (note similarities to "socks"), dock
Hat = at or sometimes hat
Peach = teach
Milk = nyulc-K (very pronounced "k" at the end, almost like another syllable) and sometimes mmmmmmyulc-K
Duck = duck or dock
Quack = duck - "duck" is also the sound a duck makes, apparently
Out = ow, ou-T
Eat = ee, ee-T 
Dog and Cat are still "woof" and "mow"

Some combinations:

Belly Button (aka Bee-bo) is still but-boh
Out, please = Ow-cheesth
Bye-Bye Daddy = Bye-Bye Dadda
Bye-Bye Mommy = Bye-Bye Madda or Bye-Bye Damma

Did you notith all the lithping?  I knew that girl narrating Your Baby Can Read was going to do that to her!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I do not stare at my new ring (now paired with my original engagement ring) several times a day for minutes at a time in admiration.  Not me.

I would never start a fourth (maybe fifth) sewing project with unfinished ones still waiting... and a promised baby outfit still to be started... for someone who went into labor last night and probably has their baby by now.  Not me.   How flighty and irresponsible that would be.

More about that fifth project:  I wouldn't think of attempting to create a maternity shirt for myself with no pattern, especially since I can't seem to follow a pattern without many mistakes along the way.  Why would I?

Also related to projects:  I know better than to spend my free time trying to find even more tutorials, things to sew, and projects too irresistible not to start when I have so many to finish/ waiting to be begun already.  Yep, not me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giveaway Alert!

Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!
This is just one of MANY crafty blogs I've stumbled across in my trek across the internet to find things to sew and to inspire me to sew.  I love all things Amy Butler, her patterns, her fabrics, her paper...  so I couldn't resist entering this giveaway.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Awesomeness in List Form

I had to add this.  Over at Panic and Do Something Stupid, she's got a post that's similarish to my Not Me Mondays that I haven't kept up with.
This made me chuckle, so check it out.

Favorite Friday

I have discovered a new favorite shaving cream.  I didn't really have a favorite before.... just a regular.  
Some of you may know that I really like Arbonne products because of their commitment, not only to no animal testing, but to no animal products or by-products in their formulations.  That claim used to be pretty rare, but now, if you know what you're looking for, you can find several vegan options on the shelves of your local health food store. 
I've discovered Alba Botanica's coconut-lime Cream Shave.  It's completely vegan, completely yummy and leaves my skin smooth and moisturized.  When I say yummy, not only does it look like something I should be eating by the spoonful instead of smearing on my legs and armpits, the smell is.... perfect.  I love beachy coconut smells, but sometimes, they can be overwhelming.  This scent is so... so... creamy.  That's the only way I know how to describe it.  It's like a lime-coconut frosting as opposed to a lime-coconut drink or perfume or something.  You'll just have to stick your own nose over a bottle of it to see what I mean.

I do not plan on shopping for shaving foam, gel, cream etc. in the drug store any longer.  I'm hooked.  I tried it as a sample in the B & B we stayed at for our 4th anniversary and I've been impatiently waiting for the rest of my Skintimate to run out.  It has... and now I can commit fully to my new infatuation.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Ring

I don't know if I've ever blogged about the title for my blog.  Have I?

Well, if I have, I'm about to again, and if I haven't, you're about to find out why I picked that name.  

When Chuck and I were married, he gave me a wedding set that consisted of two white gold bands with several prong-set tiny diamonds and milgrain edges flanking my engagement ring with my grandma's 1/4 carat round diamond and five small channel-set round diamonds on either side, also set in a white gold band.  
I discovered about a year into our marriage that it was not comfortable to wear my wedding set for very long.  My finger would itch and become irritated, red and bumpy.  I assumed this was just from dirt or other irritants getting stuck under my ring, so I started taking it off at night and sometimes only wearing one of the thin wedding bands and not the whole trio.  
Halfway through my pregnancy with Eden, Chuck bought me a beautiful sterling silver ring with a large blue topaz stone from Brighton.  Topaz is the December birthstone (Eden was due in December) and I fell in love with it when we were walking around Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, so he bought it for me.  Little did I know that I would be wearing it in place of my wedding rings.
I'm not sure how long ago I began wearing it, but my white gold set was just too exasperatingly itchy.  We've determined I must be allergic to nickel, a component in white gold.  I had another sterling silver band engraved with "depth, breadth, height" (from Browning's How Do I Love Thee) and wore the two rings together to make me look "more" married.  
I knew that one day I would get a replacement wedding set in platinum, but wasn't sure when money would allow.

In the meantime, I began this blog.  The sterling and topaz on my finger represented a struggle for me to be content.  It was a constant reminder that I have had a privileged life with expectation that it will always be so.  It also somewhat represented an underlying current of waiting for things to come to fruition.  Supporting my husband as he finished medical school and began residency, learning to let go of my dancing for a time as my body changed and an ever-needy being was given to me to care for, never feeling quite at home in our new city and rented house, etc.  Waiting.  Waiting....

God has taught me so much in the four years I've been a wife.  It's so true that the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know.  But, I'm glad to be continuously made aware of areas I need to grow in.  It's a sign that I am actually growing.  I'm a different person from the one I was four years ago and I hope to be a different person yet four years from now.  I want to keep changing.  I want to keep maturing.  I want to keep working towards being the person my Father sees in me.  

In November I'll be a mother of two.  In May I'll be a wife of five years.  In June... I'll be 30.  *shudder* It's a big year and I know God's got big plans.  We're in a bit of transition right now, as Chuck has officially moved into his residency (no longer a lowly intern), and completed the last part of his exams to be able to practice as a doctor.  We're looking for the right church home for us because we're not sure we're still meant to be at the church we began attending last year.  We are finally going to make a monthly budget and we are continuing our attempt to manage our finances in a Godly way.  
As the last page in our wedding album says "With full trust in our God and our love for each other, we look forward with joy to the adventure of our lives."

And, by the way... I just got a new ring.  No set yet.  Platinum's expensive, so we're taking this a step at a time.  It's a one-carat total weight five-stone wedding ring from Memoire's Purity Collection.... and I love it.  :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Latest Professional Shots

That's my baby!
Taken by Gail Bassett of Family Moments Photography.  (of course)

Eden Can Count!

Well, sort-of.  She's interested in the process, always points to her owl clock and the dining room clock and enjoys the book "Time for Tom," a Veggie Tales book about different times of day.  Right now, I'm listening to her counting in her playpen.  
"Oh, Choo, Eye, A"

"A, Choo, Oh, Choo"

"Eye, A, Oh"

I wouldn't know that this was counting, except that Daddy often says "One, Two Three!" before he does something with her like help her jump into the pool, or throw her up in the air or something.  Once, when they were playing on the floor of the living room, he was counting to three before she tumbled onto some pillows.  She stood up, raised her arms as divers do to prepare, and said "Eye, Choo, Oh..." and then launched onto the pillows.  
:) cuteness

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I know my friend Gifton won't be getting this in her mailbox for a few days still, but I just cannot possibly wait another second to post this picture of the outfit I made her baby (who could pop out any day now, if he's anything like his brother).  She's a dear friend and we now live many, many miles apart.  As you know, if you've read my blog recently, I've just begun to sew.  I have tons of free patterns and tutorials for baby things downloaded on my laptop, just begging to be tried, so I jumped at the chance to make something for her.  Here's what came of it.  Just like my other sewing attempts, it's far from perfect, but with any luck, she can overlook some imperfections and see the hopeful heart behind the crooked stitches.  Hope you and baby Devlin like it Gifton!