Saturday, May 31, 2008

trying again

I've started stuff like this before... never kept up with it though. It seems like that is me in a nutshell. Sad to say, but I'm one of those starts-everything-going-great-guns-only-to-poop-out people. My tastes change, my drive fades, my desire wanes... or all of the above. The fact that I know this about myself sometimes makes me not want to start things at all. It's embarassing not to finish if you've told everyone you've started. Really, it's embarassing even if you're the only one that knows.
I want to try journaling again now because there are so many thoughts, so many desires, so much STUFF going around in my brain that I think it would be wise to get it out before my brain is full and becomes sluggish. Besides, I really do enjoy writing and I need to cultivate things I enjoy.