Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My First Review

Here's my thoughts/review on the goodies I got in my Sephora box. I've been watching all these makeup reviews and tutorials on YouTube and, although, I do not aspire to have my own channel and do this regularly, I thought it would be fun to try it out while Eden was in "playpen time." With a lot of editing, I still ended up with less then succinct descriptions.
(There is a small blip where I'm talking about the Hope In A Tube product, where my laptop took a little nap and the video cuts out. It's an "eye and lip firming creme"... that's what I tried to say.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just for Me

I got some belated birthday money from my father-in-law a couple of weeks ago and I spent it all in the last week on some stuff just for fun. I wanted to share, because I'm excited. I'll tell you what I got and I'll try to give you an update as I use each item. Is this blog getting frou-frou or what? Oh well, I have some deep thoughts I want to write about that I'll get to this week...

My birthday splurges included 6 patterns from WhimsyCouture on Etsy. I got a toddler pants pattern with options for ruffled bottoms, a knot dress pattern, I shirred bodice dress pattern, a ruffle skirt/twirl dress pattern, a criss-cross pinafore top pattern and a peasant top/dress pattern. I figure with those patterns and making a few variations here and there on my own, I should be able to make LOTS of different looks for my two girls... and maybe me as well. I've cut out fabric pieces for two of the patterns already, but haven't started sewing.

I also ordered some makeup and perfume from Sephora. I am constantly looking for THE perfect perfume. I want a signature scent that both I and my husband really love that I can wear for years and be known by. The problem is that I like variety. I don't like having the same haircut, the same makeup colors or the same perfume for very long. There's just too many other options to try and I don't want to miss out. The other problem is that there hasn't really been anything that Chuck has really gone ga-ga for. I want to wear something that will make him swoon, in a manly way. He likes everything I wear, but he just says "That smells good." or "That smells nice." I want him to say "Mmmmm, what is THAT!? You smell positively delicious!" ... or whatever the manly version of that would be.
When I look for scents to try on, I usually look for citrus, not flowers. He always turns up his nose at flowery scents. Unfortunately, those are usually the ones I really love. I came across a scent recently by Philosophy called Falling In Love, tried it on, enjoyed it, let him smell me when he got home and got a pretty decent reaction. He sniffed, leaned away and then leaned back in for another, longer sniff. I kept spritzing it on every few days whenever Eden and I were at or near a place that carried it and he kept giving the same sort-of double take (double smell?) reaction that showed it had piqued his interest. It's a blend of vanilla, florals and berries that neither of us probably would have bothered to sniff if we'd seen the description first.
All that to say, I ordered some from Sephora, as well as a blusher/bronzer duo from Nars in a very embarassing color name. It's apparently (I've learned very recently) the color Nars is known for, their signature color that's supposed to be universally flattering and give a natural flushed glow to the cheeks. What can I say? I'm curious. It came in a set with the bronzer (I don't have a bronzer) and the matching nail polish.
As an added bonus, I'm getting the 3 free samples that come with Sephora orders. Two out of the three, I didn't really care about, but the one I'm really curious to try is a primer. I've never used a make-up primer, never even thought about it, but maybe this will save me re-applying halfway through the day. I also found a code online for a free Philosophy Miracle Worker Skin Care set worth $65. I'm excited to try it because they create their formulas without mineral oil, parabens, pthalates and other yucky stuff. The absence of yuckiness is why I've been using Arbonne for my facial care, but I'm considering not renewing my consultant status this coming June because there are so many other options out there now that are similarly priced that seem equally free of yuck.
It all arrives tomorrow! I'll give my own version of a review after I've tried them out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Favorite

Being able to make things for baby shower gifts.

I've made hair bows, two outfits, a matching swaddler and hat and, most recently a burp cloth which will become a set as soon as I make the second one. I have plans to make another burp cloth set and some more hair bows for another shower in November.
You've seen pictures of the two outfits, but I can't post pictures of the swaddler/hat set because I haven't given them yet. I can't post pictures of the burp cloths, because the others I plan to make will be from the same fabric and that would spoil that gift too.
Sorry to leave you hanging. I'll post them eventually.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's back! (at least for this Wednesday)

My pick for this week is something I want, but have absolutely no reason to get because I would never actually use/wear it. These tiny creations are just too stinkin' cute not to want anyway!
These are from OneElf's Etsy shop. I'm so impressed with her mixture of realism and irresistible cuteness.

Take, for example, these earrings. Don't cha just wanna lick 'em? These make me wish I was 8 years old again. I'd be the hippest 8 year old... and every other girl in 3rd grade would wish they had rainbow popsicle earrings like me.

And then there's the grilled cheese pendant. It looks so packed with buttery-toasted-yumminess that it's making me wonder what I could possibly wear it with. If I wanted to publicly declare my undying love for grilled cheese, this would be the perfect way to do it.

Now these... these are just delightful. Of course, I may be a little partial because I crave all thinks sweet and full of carbs, but these make me want to try to knit again, just so I have a reason to use these cutesy stitch markers. Something like these, one could just get personal enjoyment from and not worry about if someone else thought they were trying to be 8 years old again.

I Love Color

...but it's a bit overwhelming to be picking paint colors for our house exterior. It's very intimidating. Maybe if I knew we were staying here for a while, I wouldn't be quite as concerned, but I know we need to sell in a little less than four years. I've watched enough HGTV to know that neutrals sell houses, but I don't want to just throw in the towel and settle for "Utterly Beige" or, even better, "Greige." I want some interest, some character, if I'm going to have the chance to pick my house color. I mean, how often do you really get to do that?
Oh the POWER.
Oh the responsibility...
We went to Sherwin Williams two days ago to pick up some paint chips and I found some colors I really like. The color combination I liked the most was complimented, but then shot down by the painter when he came to give an estimate. I picked this really beautiful brown with muted aqua shutters and a creamy color for the trim. He said the colors looked very nice together, but the brown might be too dark on the whole house, which is what Chuck was afraid of. He said it might look depressing to buyers. I thought it would look sophisticated. All the other houses near us are various tones of grey, tan and beige and I do not want ours to look the same as every other house.
Now I'm considering the idea of painting the cedar shake (about 1/5 of the front of our house and 1/3 of the back) the velvety brown and the brick a lighter shade from the same paint swatch. That way, I get my interesting color, but I don't have to be as concerned about putting buyers off because the majority of the house would be the lighter (read - more boring) color. I can still get some personality in there with the aqua shutters and hopefully stand out in a good way with the only house in our neighborhood to have a two-tone exterior.
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This was way too good not to repost and it expresses what God's been laying on my heart every so often. He just keeps coming back around and working on me a little bit more. Same subject matter. Same suggestions. One day, I'll get it.
This is from Ali at A Cup of Cold Water. You can find the link to her honest thoughts about God and her family life at the link at the bottom of this page.

"Do you ever feel uncool? Like everyone in the world is cooler than you? More popular
than you? Being used by God in ways that you would NEVER be used? I need to get in the Word. I'll tell you what. How long, Oh, Lord, will I be in the 6th grade? How long will I long for You to mold me into something that I am not? How long will I look on with envy that you have gifted others in ways that You have not gifted me. How long will I be sad that I don't sew, or monogram things...or want to? How long? How long will I want to spend time with people that I don't have anything in common with? How long will I scoff at the life and talents and mercies you have so freely poured out on me? How long? Until I spend time with You, You say. Until I value Your Word more than I value 20 minutes of extra sleep? Until I seek Your will alone, rather than my own. Then, You say, and ONLY then will I be satisfied. Then, and only then, will I look at where the boundary lines have fallen and declare them to be so good...so pleasing...so perfect. Oh, Father, won't you captivate my heart again. Won't You please satisfy me in the morning with Your unfailing love. I'm not all that...but to Christ...ahh...but because of Christ..."

Monday, September 07, 2009

Humbling Revelations

It's hard to learn about yourself.  Most of the time, when you learn something about yourself, it seems to be uncomfortable and unsavory.  The sermon Sunday was about growing and putting the past behind.  The pastor said that he would take someone telling him he hadn't changed a bit since high school as an insult.  I can see that.  I'm definitely a different person and something would be very wrong if I wasn't.  Hopefully, I'm different because God's growing me.  Hopefully, I can respond to the things He reveals to me about myself with a determination to continue to conform to His image.  Isn't it great that He doesn't show us everything ugly about us all at once?  Sometimes, it's pretty embarrassing to have been oblivious to certain flaws for so long, but He knows when I'm ready to change.  Things like that should make me more gracious to others who have (in my eyes) obvious flaws that they don't seem to be working on.  Hello!  they see the same in me.  
It's so amazing that God can be so loving with us all and knows exactly when we're ready to be receptive to His leading to change.  He doesn't look at us with disdain or disgust as we continue to stumble around and make messes without even realizing it.  He just waits for the perfect time.  He knows us intimately and still wants to know us.  He loves us.  That's just amazing.  I'm amazed and humbled.  Hopefully, I can stay that way for a while.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Baby Lucas Spoiler

For some reason posting a picture gives me some amount of closure and satisfaction to what is otherwise a pretty stressful event... sewing.  It's probably my own fault that it's stressful.  I take on patterns and tutorials that are above my abilities and training.... um, what training?  That's the other part of the problem, no idea what i'm really doing.  I know how to thread my machine and to change the thread color to match my project.  I know that turning the switch on the side sends the electricity to it so that when I push the pedal the needle goes up and down.  I can pick the straight stitch or the zig-zag stitch by turning a dial to match the picture of the stitch I want.  (by the way, I just kind-of eenie, meenie, minee, moe it when it comes to picking the stitch)  The last problem is choosing to try to make things purely by sight.  By that, I mean with no pattern whatsoever, just eyeing it.  I look at a garment and say, "hmm, that looks simple enough" and then I try to cut out fabric pieces that look like they might make that garment when stitched together.
It's pretty absurd really... and very stressful.  
Why do I do that!?  I really have no idea what continues to compel me.  I think that I forget (like having a baby) the pain of the last project and think it will really be a fun adventure this time.  And parts of it are thrilling.  And parts of it are fun.  And parts of it are.... grrr.

I had to finish this outfit by Friday because we're bringing it to Atlanta with us to give to our friends for their new baby Lucas.  Chuck took Eden out for a bit (because all the above risk factors are only compounded by a toddler in the sewing room) and I finally finished it.  Mostly.  I still have to put elastic in the pants, but that's easy.  No, really, I can usually handle that without messing it up.  Although I DID mess it up not too long ago.  I sewed the two ends of the elastic together not realizing that it had twisted in it's travels through the waistband.  I'll try not to make that mistake this time.