Friday, November 13, 2009

Korres and E.L.F. Update

Two new YouTube vids available!
Click here for the first where I tell you all about my first impressions of the Korres samples I got in the mail.
Click here for the end of the Korres sample video and a bit about my first introduction to E.L.F. products, which can be found at, some Kmart stores and some Target stores.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's the Best

I don't really have anything to write here, so I thought I'd try to appease you with a couple pictures of Eden. Sorry, that's the best I've got.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another Hair-Do

I wanted to play a minute before I went to bed, so I redid my makeup and tried some things and then decided to try something with my hair. I've never been able to do (nor have I really tried that hard) a pony with a pouf. This is a Mississippi favorite, from what I can tell, and I wanted to see if I could make it work. I think it's a nice way to make your pony tail look more "on purpose" rather than an indication that you didn't really have the time or desire to do your hair that day. At least that's what a ponytail usually indicates on me.
How I did it:
I put it in a high ponytail with an elastic. - Tip for all ponytails: I hate getting that little bump below my ponytail, don't you? That can be avoided by tilting your head back while securing the elastic. Then, when you look straight ahead again, the hair underneath the ponytail is pulled tight. It helps. - Next, I took the handle of an eyeshadow brush (because I do not own a rat-tailed comb) and used it to lift the hair up around the crown of my head while holding onto the elastic with my other hand to make sure I didn't pull the whole ponytail around and loosen it on all sides. After doing this, I just had a little bit more voluminousness on the top, nothing special. So, I got out a headband with teeth and placed it just behind my bangs, pressing it securely on my scalp and pushed back, effectively raking the hair into a pouf closer to the ponytail.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Color Purple

I posted yet another video to YouTube. Y'all, this video began as a 25 minute long video!! I gab rediculously while filming myself, apparently. I had to edit out so much and I do really wish I could have been more concise so you could see the other lipglosses I talked about.
I wanted to share this because, once again, I am learning new things and I wanted to pass on what I'm learning, just in case there are other clueless souls out there like me when it comes to makeup. My latest discoveries are mixing lip colors, trying one new color family in particular and layering lipstick with lipgloss.
The other products not mentioned in the video that I had an opinion about are:

-Neutrogena MoistureShine lipglosses in Whisper and Groove.
I really liked the creamy texture of this gloss and did notice that I didn't need to reapply as often as expected. I don't know what they smell like... maybe some sort of healthy, grainy cereal like my mom and dad might have in their cabinet. I'm not a fan really. They have the typical "doe foot" applicator, which a lot of the makeup gurus seem to shun, but works just fine for me.
These two colors are on the lighter end of the spectrum and are very pretty in the tubes. I thought Whisper might make for a nice glossy nude lip, but ended up washing me out too much. It looks like I put concealer on my lips and then a clear gloss over it. Just didn't flatter me at all. I do find, though, that it's great for toning down brighter colors, making them more neutral and wearable.
Groove is a really beautiful soft pink, but I didn't feel like it looked a whole lot different than Whisper on my lips. (I'd like to wear that color, or paint it on a wall. It's really, really pretty) It does look nice paired with a pink blush, like my NARS Orgasm blush or my Bare Minerals True All Over Face Color to give the pink some oomph.

-Stila mini lipglaze set in Brown Sugar, Apricot and Starfruit
I have seen so much hype about these lipglazes on YouTube and jumped at the chance to get three for $8 from the Sephora website. I'm glad I didn't invest more in them. As far as I can tell, these are scented and each color smells different. I'm not opposed to any of them so far. They have a brush at one end and a rotating dial at the other that clicks as you push product into the brush. I tend to find product oozing from the brush (fortunately, there is a cap) when I return a day later for the next application. Not a great design for me.
Apricot and Starfruit are peach and pink respectively, but so sheer that I might as well be wearing a really sticky chapstick. Now, sometimes a sticky lipgloss is good, because it's not going to slide off your lips. Not really my preference though.
The Brown Sugar color does actually deposit color on my lips. I get a nice glossy... um... brown sugar color. It's very aptly named, I must say. I don't have any brownish lipcolor in my collection, so it's nice to have that option now, if I want it. I can see wearing it with bronzes, taupes and other neutrals for a nice look.

Watch here.

POW: Natural, Beneficial and Pretty

I've been continuing to read and learn about the Korres brand of skincare and cosmetic products. I just can't get those few brief days where I was using the sample of the Wild Rose foundation out of my mind. I'm using my Laura Mercier foundation now, and I am enjoying it. It has good coverage, feels light, lasts all day and gives me a nice even complexion. I AM still concerned about some of the ingredients and wonder if I'm doing anything good for my skin, or just covering what I don't like about it.
The Korres website had a special offer where you can try 8 samples of their bath, body, and cosmetic products plus the three samples you get to choose with every order. I couldn't resist going ahead and getting the Wild Rose foundation as well as a couple of value sets for Christmas gifts to get free shipping. I'll be sure to review the sample products as I try them.
Here are a few of the things I learned about Korres in my research.

"Korres is committed to developing safe, effective and natural products by broadly avoiding synthetic components that can sum up to 30-60% of cosmetic formula, replacing them with greatly beneficial naturally derived ingredients. Korres' products are further enriched with active plant extracts."

"Having realized the overload of information and the level of misunderstanding surrounding natural ingredient based cosmetics, Korres sets new standards by allowing the product to educate consumers. Through the use of a clear & factual ingredient table, featured on the side of each product, Korres helps consumers make their choice in an honest and genuine customer-caring approach."

I really appreciate that. I'm trying my best here to use healthy products and they're assisting me in discovering if their product is a good choice for me.

"Korres’ skincare line is built upon the brand’s vast knowledge of herbal ingredients that stems from its origins as the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, Greece. With a repertoire of more than 3,000 herbal remedies, Korres selects the most effective natural ingredients—like wild rose, sugar, yogurt, thyme, honey, olive, and rye—for their unique ability to address specific skin concerns."

"As with all Korres' natural skincare and color products, the Wild Rose collection is formulated to achieve maximum, long-lasting results using highly effective, natural extracts. What you won't find: harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. What you will find: skin-friendly products loaded with wild rose oil. Rich in vitamin C, wild rose oil offers potent antioxidant protection and also works to fight fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It can even assist in cell regeneration and in improving skin texture. End result? Gorgeous skin with a natural glow."

These descriptions of the Korres history, commitment to natural ingredients and benefits come from the Korres website and the Sephora website. Can you believe that all the benefits of the Wild Rose skincare regimen are also found in their Wild Rose foundation, concealer and finishing powder?! That means that your makeup IS a skincare regimen. You put concealer under and around your eyes and you're treating your fine lines. You put foundation on and you're improving the quality and hydration of your skin. That is pretty cool.
Because it was developed in Greece, the color selection of the foundation is all made for skin with olive and yellow undertones. As I mentioned in a previous post, the foundation color definitely doesn't match the skin on my face, BUT, because my neck and arms are not as pale as my face, it blends once it's on. I also really enjoyed the way it cut the redness on my face and evened out my skin tone. Just imagine if my skin tone could get more even over time without any makeup on... because of using this makeup!