Friday, August 13, 2010

Lit. Revisited

I've been going through a box of memories and pulling out some things that make me smile.  One piece of paper I just read, I decided to share.

This is from Literature class where I was learning different poetry forms by writing.  I was 15.

A Question of Speed

Everyone marvels at a snail's sluggish pace.
It's quite easy to see why this is the case.
But really, the reason is not hard to trace.
Why run fast when you're not in a race?


Monday, August 02, 2010


I don't even really like their name... hydrangeas.  It's so complex and scientific sounding to me.  It doesn't sound like a flower.  It sounds like a disease.  You drink too much water and become over-hydrated and develop welts all over your body.  They're called hydrangeas.
This is not a post about hating hydrangeas, because, well, I'm actually starting to like them for the first time.  I never saw what all the hubbub was about.  The bushes are big awkward things with poufy clusters of tiny flowers that, on their own would be nothing to speak of.  I was recommended hydrangeas by the florist who did my wedding bouquet and I was horrified by the idea.  I'm still glad I didn't take her advice, but I AM warming up to this southern favorite.
I came across a lovely blog and particularly this lovely post and beauty like this is just begging to be shared.  I won't spoil it by trying to describe it, but let's just say that my warming up to the hydrangea may have just bloomed into love.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tale of a Tailor

You know those jeans I had tailored?  Well, here's how it went.
I put them on and stood on the little pedestal while the Asian woman pinched and pinned until I was satisfied with the fit in the rear and waist.
She said they'd be ready in a week and cost $25.
They were and they did.
And they are a PERFECT fit!!!  These jeans fit the best of any pair I've ever owned and the little yellow stitches all look exactly the same as if they had never been ripped out and redone.  She even put the tag back in as if it had never been touched.  The only evidence of her work is a seam line on the waistband in the back, but it's barely noticeable.  I'd say a custom-fit pair of jeans for $30 ain't half bad.  Totally worth shopping for more consignment gems.